Liberty wearing kerchief with her new family Liberty in New York
" ... Liberty has brought pure joy to our family. Beautiful puppy. She loves her special pillow in her kennel and always find something soft to sleep on if she is not in there. She is very active and has been running with me on the trails around West Point. She loves being outside and gets to play soccer with the boys too! She weighs 31 pounds. I can't believe how tall she is getting. Thanks again for Liberty. She is awesome!"
- K. in NY

Maisey & Chip Maisy and Chip being held by their boys
This family went home with their new pup and after their friends saw Maisey, they decided to come get a sibling of Maisey, Chip, for themselves!
"Maisey is doing great.....she is so sweet, we just love her so much. It's fun to see her reaction when she investigates something new. I giggle so much when she hears the geese, looks around, then at me as if I'm making that honking noise, then runs through the grass a short distance and back, all with her ears perked up. She hasn't figured out to look up cute!
She met up with her brother Chip yesterday. Then puppy play as siblings do. I'm so glad my friends are thrilled with having one of your pups. They saw Maisey and fell in love. You did a great job! Our vet was quite impressed.
Thanks again and I'll keep you updated."
- K. A. in NY

Young Buck sleeping on carpet with Bear Buck
To Sadie & Samson:
Hi Mom!
It's me, Buck! I just wanted you to see how I'm settling in with my new brother and sister. The big guy is Bear. He protects me and cuddles with me. He lets me take toys right out of his mouth and keep them for myself. the one lying down with me is Ruby. She's a blast to play with-man, can that girl run! It won't be too long before I can outrun her though. She shares all her toys with me too. I think we both wear each other out!

I'm still sleeping in bed between my new Mom and Dad. I don't like my crate at all! I'm pulling all my cute tricks out and they are such suckers for a cute face! I'm already learning "sit, down, and watch me!" I am so-o-o smart!

Tomorrow, Bear and I are going to a dog safety demo with the kids at the YMCA. I get to go to puppy class on Saturday and play with some more puppies too! Well, I'll write again soon. thank you for giving me such a great start in life and making sure I was healthy. I love you!

Your son,

River River Jumping into water River on the boat
Thought I would send you an update on River! He is exceptionally smart, fun, funny, and he is such a snugglebug!

He is about 98 pounds and doing wonderfully! We are always complimented on what a well behaved, handsome guy he is!

He loves the outdoors, running, playing and especially loves boating, swimming, and dock jumping! I have attached some pictures to show how well he is doing!

I noticed that you just had another litter. Can you tell me who is available, as it may be time to bring a sibling home for River!

Hope all has been well!


Young mouse sleeping on carpet Mousse
"I just wanted to let you know how Mousse did last night. He was wonderful! He went potty outside the back sliding door, then he cried at the door again. So, Cailyn took him back out and he did his #2 duty. Can't beat that, huh? Then, I sent Cailyn to bed telling her that me and Chris would hang out with him for a little while longer. So, I moved the crate in the middle of our living room and I kept putting him inside it, while he was walking right back out a few times. Finally, he got pooped of me doing that so he just laid down inside. I gave him one of my favorite blankets (my dads). He just whined a very little and then fell asleep. Throughout the night, he wined here and there, with no urgency to get out. Just fell right back to sleep. He was so good! As soon as I got up (an hour earlier than usual - yes, I'm pretty darn sleepy today), I took him outside the back door again and he went potty. Came back in the house like a little punk cruisin' the house.
We took him up the hill to meet his new "brothers". They were great with him. Scott, our friend, was also very fond of him. Mousse is a joy! We are so happy with him. I can just cry thinking about how our family is complete now. Cailyn is the happiest I seen her in a long time. He just follows her all over the place.
I just wanted to thank you guys again for a great job you did with the puppies. I have looked at a lot of puppies in the passed year, and once I saw yours, they were exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!"
- Lori

Hailey in NJ Hailey sittng between snowman and Santa
"Here is a pic of Hailey --- she found a hideout -- under the cocktail took me 1/2 hour to get this pic....if she wasn't chewing on the santa's hat, she was attacking the snowman! But she is adorable, and cute and just acting her age! She is coming along great!"
- Madeline in NJ

Young Penny in the grass Penelope
Hi Jennie,

I just wanted to let you know that Penny is doing well here in NJ! She has settled in very well and is 99% potty trained.

We are looking forward to taking her for walks shortly. She is very active and we keep her entertained with lots of toys.

Hope all is well your end.

Tracey Marie

Liberty Libby in the backyardLibby after a swim
...Just thought I would say hello and let you know that Liberty (Libby) is doing very well.

She has been fixed, does very well with here crate during the day, and has virtually no accidents in the house.

Libby was swimming a few times – both at Michelle′s grandma′s pool and at the beach – before Summer was over, and now she has taken a liking to the leaves that are starting to fall and all the squirrels that are running around.

Hope everything is well in upstate New York. I think Libby may be the most photographed dog in their first six months ever – Michelle really likes to take pictures!

Joe & Michelle in PA with Libby

Niko with a stick Niko
Hi Jennie,

My name is Danielle; I am Tony's girlfriend and Niko's new mommy. I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Tony through this process. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family. I was so surprised! I never in a million years ever thought he would get me the dog I truely wanted.

I grew up around labs so there wasn't a question that when I had my own place and the time I wanted one. Attached are some pictures, from the past couple of days and as he has grown. I hope you enjoy them - I bet you miss him! I promise to continue to send pictures to you.

Thank you so much again for Niko....Talk to you soon!