Acquiring a Sensational Labrador
Getting A Puppy:
Purchasing a Puppy is an exciting time for your family! There are many things to consider before you embark on getting a puppy though- will you have the time to devote to the puppy to train and exercise? Is everyone in your house "on board" about getting a new dog? Will you be able to take your dog to the vet for its shots and regular checkups?
When you have made that final decision to purchase your puppy, we are more than happy to help guide you. We would look forward to sending you pictures weekly and updates on how they are doing to help you choose your special pup.
Reserving Your Puppy:
The first thing to do is be on the reservation list. By placing a deposit, you hold your choice position for choosing a puppy. Whether you are first or fifth depends on how many people have placed deposits before you, but it assures you your puppy, should everything go well with the dam's delivery. A $300 nonrefundable deposit holds your reservation for your pup - payable through PayPal or check/money order. Please note that the reason for the non-refundable deposit is to ensure that each pup gets an owner who is seriously committed to buying them. Any other money received for the pup, except the $300.00 deposit, is refundable, should for whatever reason the buyer have to back out and not purchase the puppy before the agreed pickup date.
Alternatively, you may email us and request to be put on the waiting list. With an upcoming litter, we would notify you as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed to see if you would want to reserve a puppy. Otherwise, as puppies are born, we would notify you of which pups are available. The only drawback to this is that oft times there are fewer puppies to choose from, if any at all, out of a litter.
Payment can be made through Paypal, cash, check or money order. Payment for the puppy is due at 6 weeks of age if paying by check or due by 7 weeks of age if paying through PayPal. Paying at the time of pick up is perfectly fine, so long is it is paid in cash. Any puppies not picked up on the scheduled pickup date are subject to a boarding fee of $25/day. Please let us know if there will be a problem with the scheduled pickup date as that time approaches.

To Place a Deposit on a Sensational Lab's Puppy Click on Paypal
Please specify Male/Female and Silver/Charcoal/ or Champagne
(A PayPal fee of 3.79% is added to your purchase - your total is $311.36)