Sensational Silver Lacey Lacey Lounging on the Grass
Lacey is a gorgeous silver female and weighs about 70 pounds. Alert, energetic, and ready for adventure, Lacey is a fun gal, but enjoys hanging back and being loved on as well. She is gentle around children and well mannered. She is the daughter of our foundational silver dam, Sadie, and Samson was her sire. She currently has a litter available.

Watchful Titan
Sensational Silver Titan
Titan is our stud, a stunning silver male, weighing about 95 pounds - he is full of energy, excitement, and loves to be apart of all the fun! With a remarkable expression, Titan commands your attention and loves to be doted on! Titan has had great health and enjoys having kids around or keeping his "mama" company. He lives with Samson at my brother and sister-in-law's house; they are inseparable!

Charcoal Sensation Samson
Samson sitting in yard grass
Samson is an AKC charcoal labrador male and he has been such a joy to our family! He has a very loving personality with all the spunk and curiosity a lab could possibly have!~ He is fairly tall and weighs about 105-110 pounds -gorgeous blocky head and nice expression. He is very easy going, gentle, good natured, and great with children. Samson is now living with my brother and sister-in-law and loves pal-ling around with their three children - he is truly in his element!

Mandie on Hardwood Floor
Mandie is Mollie's granddaughter and a great addition to our family! She loves playing with our young children and is loyal to them through and through. Mandie has a sweet disposition and is friendly and eager to please.